Best Bike Gadgets and Accessories of 2020

14 Sep

Regardless of how much you cycle, why you choose to ride, or even your skill level, it can often be worth taking a look at some of the gear that’s available to you – after all, there are a few things that could make a big difference to your journeys, either by keeping you safe or making things simpler. Read on to find out a little more about a few of the different products that are taking the 2020 market by storm. 

Turn Signal Gloves

Created by Zackee, the incredible Turn Signal Gloves are some of the most high-tech cycling gloves available. 54 LED lights, a microprocessor, sweat absorbent material and ambient light sensors are just a few of the features of these stylish and incredibly useful items that you simply can’t ride without.

They’re so great in fact that they have even won awards, which is simply further proof that these gloves are some on the best cycling accessories to come out so far this year. 

Beryl Laserlight

If riding at night is something that concerns you, it might be worth investing in something like the Beryl Laserlight – a simple yet effective accessory that projects a clear and bright bike symbol 6 meters ahead of you. It’ll give anyone who you may not be able to see in the dark the opportunity to move out of your way.

To make things better, it’s easy to install, waterproof and highly durable – so for any night-time cyclists, this is a must-buy.

The Electron Wheel

Created to upgrade essentially any traditional bike to an electric one, the Electron Wheel is an incredible choice for anyone who’s interested in a safer and more comfortable ride. Overall, it’s designed to make bikes easier to pedal and upgrade them to be smarter – and most buyers will agree that it does just that.

By connecting it to your smartphone via the app, you can even monitor distance, speed tracking, battery life and much more, which just takes it to the next level. 


If you want to make your life far more convenient whilst you’re out and about on your bike, the SmartHalo could be the ideal device for you. While small and fairly discreet, it’s got a broad range of uses and benefits that you’re certain to want as you travel around; from guiding you to your destination, to acting as an anti-theft alarm.

There’s much more that it can do for you too, making it the ideal companion for anyone looking to simplify their bike ride.

Respro City Anti-Pollution Mask

At a time like this, it can be vital to ensure your safety while out and about, as well as keep in mind the wellbeing of others to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. This means that investing in a specialist face mask for riding, like the Respro City Anti-Pollution Mask, can be worthwhile indeed. 

Ideal for filtering out the pollutants in the city, from nitrogen oxides to smoke, this mask is perfect for those who prefer to ride in built-up areas. The exhalation valves, comfortable yet efficient sealing and more are all just a few of the benefits that can come with using this brand.